An Interactive Visualization
By Kerry Zhu
a world where oral health
impacts overall well-being.
a world where cavities are
so easily preventable.
yet oral health care is


under federal Medicaid.

want a contracted provider?
good luck.

“toughing it out”
looks appealing.
Adult Dental Medicaid Coverage by State
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decay and disease so commonplace,
extractions left and right,
leaving dentures and bridges to line the face.
preventative care now can save the bite.
for providers in network.
for care I can afford.
for the pain to go away.
Reasons for Not Visiting the Dentist,
Among Those Without a Visit in 12 Months
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Note: Respondents were allowed to select multiple reasons
when money gets tight,
but life moves forward,
we start to wonder:
do I really need a cleaning?
Can you estimate the percentage of
patients who did not seek healthcare due
to cost based on their insurance type?
Simply drag the bar to your best estimate.
The data for private insurance has been completed for you.
comprehensive coverage few and far between.
from Manhattan, KS to Manhattan, NY,
transcending population density,
absent access affects all.
This visualization was created as a part of Dr. Emily Wall's  Information Visualization course at Emory University.
The aim of the project is to infuse creativity in the form of a poem into the creation of a visualization.
Data was collected from publications by the ADA Health Policy Institute.
Visualizations were created entirely using D3.js.